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Our owner, Bob Eubank, graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville in 1962 and went into the army. He spent three years as an Army Paratrooper in the Canal Zone in the Republic of Panama. After returning from his service time, Bob pursued his career in mechanics.

After a four year apprenticeship, Bob received his aircraft mechanic rating at the Naval Air Rework Facility. Shortly after receiving his ratings, Bob left N.A.S. and opened a repair shop on his own. During this time he also pursued "higher education" and received his A.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Florida Jr. College.

Bob's break came in 1973 when he was able to purchase Mechum's Auto Parts, a small junk yard on Jacksonville's Westside. It took about twenty years to turn it into Jacksonville's premier Auto Recycling Facility.

The Rusty Acres name started around 1967. Bob and his wife purchased a small bank in the shape of a dog with the name "Rusty". In the early days, local parts houses would give a discount on parts if you had a fictitious trade name. We came up with "Rusty Acres Racing Farm" as a fictitious sponsor on his dirt track race car (Ford).

When Bob started his first shop the name was changed to "Rusty Acres Automotive" and was registered with the State of Florida. The "Inc" was added in 1981.

  • Bob is a past President of Florida Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Association and is still on the Board of Directors.
  • Bob is a member of the Automotive Recyclers Association and is on the Board of Directors.
  • Bob is a Master Mason and P.M. of his lodge.
  • Bob is a Scottish Rite 32 KCCH.
  • Bob is also a Shriner and Member of Royal Order of Jesters.